Transparency declaration

The lead Organiser which is European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative studies Institute together with Kaunas University of Technology affirm that ChangeMakers’ON is non-commercial, social responsible and transparent social start-up event organized with the help of partners and volunteers good will and everyone’s input which is declared to the public. With this section we want to demonstrate that ChangeMakers'ON is the event organized with the idea "If you want some changes to be done, start to make changes and engage others" 🙂

If you are curious how to organize ChangeMakers'ON without any budget planned or promised in advance, here you can find every detail 😉

- what is every Partner's effort
- who are this wonderful team of Volunteers donating their talent and time

THANK YOU Dear Partners for being together

Our facts


THANK YOU our Volunteers for donating your Talent & Time:

Valdas Žvinakevičius, Eglė Šlekienė, Paulius Stanionis, Žydrūnė Žebrauskaitė, Ignotas Janulevičius, Laurynas Fokinas, Aušrinė Geležinytė, Marius Vakker, Ugnė Aliejūnaitė, Agnė Zemblytė, Akvilė Celiešiūtė, Eglė Kundrotaitė, Iveta Frolovaitė, Justė Telksnytė, Laura Juozapaitytė, Lukas Gaidžiūnas, Tomas Gudelevičius, Viktorija Butkevičiūtė, Živilė Hofmanaitė, Emilija Svirinavičiūtė, Indrė Povilauskaitė, Kristina Laurinčiukaitė, Olivija Juškevičiūtė, Raminta Juzuonytė, Agnė Ošlapaitė, Kristina Sutkutė, Gvidas Bindokas, Laurita Daujotaitė, Raminta Daujotaitė, Rasa Tverskytė, Eglė Timinskaitė, Karolina Reikertaitė, Irma Tutkutė, Laura Germanavičiūtė, Evelina Gurilčikaitė, Klaudija Černenko, Glorija Apanavičiūtė.

THANK YOU our BEST Partners for personal input:

Kaunas University of Technology  - communication & technical support & venues & logistics & notes for ChangeMakers & people

Enterprise Lithuania – communication & ideas selection & "clothes" & prizes & people

KTU Startup Space – communication & technical support & prize

Media „15Min“ – communication & strong media support

SCEMS & BaltMatas - for buying part of food & people

Kauno Collegue of Applied Science (Department of Public Catering) - for amasing menu & Chief & Cooks

UAB Itališka kava – for the best coffee ever

UAB Factobotics – for a lot of advices & support & people

AB Kauno Grūdai – for best food products

UAB Kauno vaisių ir daržovių prekyba – for fruits & vegetables

SIA „Rīgas Piensaimnieks" – for very tasty and healthy KARUMS production & people

Printhouse KOPA - for print works & prize

Co-working space „Happspace“ – for prize & small gifts for experts & people

Media "Kas vyksta Kaune" -  for internet & communication & people

UAB Tamro – for buying food and cleaning matterials

UAB Spaudos departamentas – for the biggest photo-wall

Transparency International Lietuvos skyrius – for prize & people & transparency

Bridge for Billions – for prizes & communication

SOCIFACTION – for people & communication & trainings

Kaunas City – for the gret support & communication

Kaunas In – for cups & communication & people

AB Volfas Engelman – for a lot of soft drinks & water

Gintare Skaiste @ Parliament of Republic of Lithuania – for being our admirol and great support

bnt attorneys-at-law –  for people & prize

Post galerija – for venues

HOF hotel – for good conditions & friendly prices for ChangeMakers

UAB La Bebe – for very healthy drinks „Aloe Drink For Life“

Mūsų Odisėja - for guided tours for our guests


THANK YOU for the BEST exibitions during event:

Karolina Banaityte & Gajus Eidiejus

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