Small Scale Economics: A Vision for a More Beautiful World ?

Schumacher was a highly original person, leading a creative, alternative lifestyle. Man’s task as twofold: Firstly, “to fully develop oneself” and then “to form one’s relationship to other people – family, groups, one’s countrymen, mankind – sensibly, ethically, or expressed quite simply, with joy.”

What Is Social Entrepreneurship & who wins? Is it for me?

Social entrepreneurship has made a popular name for itself on the global scene as a new phenomenon that is reshaping the way we think about social value creation. It has attracted the attention of major foundations and private funders, spreading rapidly throughout the non-profit sector.

The Coming Green Wave: Ocean Farming to Fight Climate Change

After 15 years of experimentation, Bren Smith developed a new method which helps to provid healthy, local food for communities. GreenWave’s restorative 3D Ocean Farming model was awarded for ecological design and honored by the President Bill Clinton as a keystone of ocean innovation.

The Miracle of ENABLE TALK: Blind is able to hear Deaf is talking

Anton Posternikov and Maxim Osika, two programmers , got an idea to create a device that would help deaf people to communicate with the rest of the world. They have presented the solution – specially designed sensory gloves – that can give voice to 40 million people in the World.